Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ambrogio Lorenzetti's dresses

I love the entire fresco cycle - The Allegory of Good and Bad Government - But I really adore the dragonfly and caterpillar fabrics these women are wearing ( As did all the girls in Sarah Cree's seminar)

Friday, March 27, 2009


The head of a goose, with feathers all around

Where Temple St. Claire got it's first inspiration?


Palm trees?

Pack of wild dogs

one on each arm

Dramatic/ Peaceful

Fur Hammock from Spazio Rossana Orlandi
I don't know the origin of this image, so I unfortunately cannot credit the work
Light fixture from Asli Tunca reminds me of scaffolding. love the sparse arrangement

Portraits at the Met

A sweet gilded pendant

the hat


A detail from Duccio's Maesta- the pattern intricacy & colorstory (and hands)
In the same building were some textiles similar to the ones he is painting here.... I will edit the post to include those later


Sam Fogg deals Medieval, Islamic, and Indian Art. This example is my favorite, although I have no idea who it is meant to represent


Painted floor Manhattan

Custom Designs in Verre Eglomise.
I have not had the chance to work with her, but If I could have her help on every project that would obviously be ideal as the effects she renders are glorious
Vesna Bricelj


Steiner & Lenzlinger
If I had a greenhouse I would have to set it up like this because all of my plants die

enamel and glass

the materials and the overall effect

coffee shop

well, it would obviously be contrived to do this in my kitchen, but I really want to


Pretty wine labels and script from Torgiano

At the Museum of the Etruscan Academy in Cortona.  Nice details for constructing bookcases- reference for a future project.  I'll probably start working up sections


-I like pink in a dining room ( lucca- March 29, 2008 with Anya)
-sheer drapes (March 26, 2008 Pitti Palance)  
-silver trays with little snails crawling around the rim.  Pretty much anything like this with animals on it(April venice).  The store was closed so I had to try to fit my camera through the metal grate guarding the window, thus the poor quality.  For reference!  


From the photo without any other reference, it's nearly impossible to tell that this fluid sculptural artwork is actually jewelry made out of paper.  *The texture of the black and white one is my favorite
By Janna Syvanoja at the Alternatives Gallery in Florence

Sea Creatures + Flowers

The octopus is the most fun-From a public bath in Bevagna
chevron layout of mosaic and large orange flowers in Spoleto

Stone Floor Patterns

From the Duomo in San Marco-ideally take it verbatim and use on a floor, or make a quilt, or embroider on fabric

Two Good Ideas From Peggy Guggenheim

Both at her home (the museums gates!)
-Alexander Calder made a fantastic headboard for her.
-She obviously loved her pets.  Amanda- I think you might plan on having one of these for Justin's beloved babies.


Old Images:  
-The space where these live
-amazing chains and the colors together 
-The bullseye fresco showing a hierarchy of angels is amazing- I want it printed at 1:1 scale to hang in my house.
-Color story of the ruined fresco for reference to replicate for a room scheme